Transformative Langauage Arts: healing • self-care • positivity • growth

Vanita Leatherwood, M.A. has over 30 years of experience in facilitating wellness and community education programming. Vanita uses the modalities known as Transformative Language Arts (TLA) and Poetry Therapy.  Both TLA and Poetry Therapy tap into the power of language, symbol and story to foster personal and social change. Vanita is a member of the Transformative Language Arts Network and the National Association of Poetry Therapists.

Her TLA/Poetry Therapy work features poetry, expressive arts activities and mindfulness practices that promote healing, reflection, stress relief, relaxation, positivity, resiliency and growth.

Vanita enjoys working with individuals, couples and groups specializing in issues related to personal discovery, healing from truama, self-care, stress managment, sexual orientation, creativity cultivation, life transitions and family dynamics.

She serves as the Director of Community Engagement at HopeWorks of Howard County where her work includes facilitating TLA private sessions and workshops for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. Vanita also sees clients and offers workshops at the Restorative Counseling and Wellness Center in Ellicott City. 

For information on upcoming workshops or to make an appointment for a TLA session visit the Events & News page or contact me at:

HopeWorks of Howard County                             (410) 997 - 0304            Email Vanita at HopeWorks

Restorative Counseling and Wellness Center       (410) 884 - 9200           Email Vanita at Restorative Counseling and Wellness Center

Sample Workshops include:

  • Collage for Self Discovery
  • Self-care & Stress Relief
  • Waking up Your Muse
  • Stepping N2 Your Story with Assemblage Art
  • Moving Forward with Self Alliance™
  • Expressive Journaling

Workshop activities may include, expressive or creative writing, creating art such as collage, sharing and discussion, learning mindfulness techniques or self-care strategies. Prior writng or art experience is not required. For more information and to schedule a workshop, retreat program or personal session please submit the information below.

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