Poet, mother, feminist, survivor, activist, Vanita Leatherwood lives within the verve of life, knowing that where there is a capacity to feel there is opportunity for hope, connection, and transformative love.

Leatherwood gave her first poetry reading at the age of 16 at the opening of the Watha T. Daniel Library. Since then she has published, particpated in numberous readings, edited arts magazines, taught poetry classes, performed on stage and hosted a radio show featuring jazz and poetry.

Her poetry can be found in her book, Scratching the Itch and Other Natural Tendencies, as well as magazine and anthologies including Rain & Thunder, Motherwit, The Sheet,  A Starlight Night, Trivia: Voices of Feminism and Pegusus.

In 2010 Leatherwood received the Astraea Lesbian Writers Fund Award in Poetry.

Poetic Performance Art

when green spills into me

featuring the work of Vanita Leatherwood

Confessionals. Juke Joints. Concrete sidewalks and Grandma's stern gaze.

During this one hour dramatic reading you will meet Grace, a precocious girl from "up north." 

It's the 1960's, a time that bounced between Leave it to Beaver and the Feminine Mystique.

Grace is caught between two worlds. Each are changing, struggling to discover the best of themselves. Transformation is always a journey. Whether we're talking about a girl or a culture, the twists and turns can be both traumatic and liberating.

when green spills into me is a multi-media presentation featuring a video, music, dramatic readings of poetry/prose and an author's talk back.

For availabilty and rates please email info@vleatherwoodstudios.com